+ Can a person do qurbaani and aqeeqa in one animal (cow) as it has 7 shares ?

+ If some of the shares in a cow are for living people while two shares are being slaughtered for deceased people in the same animal, is this permissible?

+ Can less than 7 persons becomes shareholder of a Cow/cammel in Qurbani i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc… or it is mandatory to be 7?

+ Can one purchase more than one share for one’s self in a quurbani animal? Qurbani is done on behalf of people, criterion for cattle was minimum 2 years, but animals were of under 2 years slaughtered.This was done totally unintentional. It was not done to save money as a grade are the most expensive. What is the ruling for the past qurbani as it is difficult to remember how many were made and whether it was nafl or waajib?

+ If one missed qurbaani, will he have to pay the price of the whole animal for every year or one share for every year?

+ Is it waajib for a haaji to do Qurbani other than dam shukr?

+ If you have offered a qurbani is it permissible to remove hair, cut nails etc? If it is not when does that apply from: how many days before qurbani? Is it haram to do so?

+ Removing hair and cutting nails during haidh

+ What is the ruling of making Qurbaani if one has many debts yet has jewellery?

+ Is one’s quarbani valid if subsequently rumours are heard and suspicions arise that the person entrusted to perform the quarbani on one’s behalf overseas has not done so?

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