Madrasah Shafiiyyah is an institution based in the community of Lenasia.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

نحمد الله ونصلى على رسوله الكريم و بعد:

It is the intrinsic nature of man to associate himself with the ‘good things’ of life and therefore spends much of his energy (i.e. time and skills) ambitiously acquiring them.Says Allah, The All-Wise, in verse 8 of chapter 100 (The Galloping Steeds – Al-Adiyaat)  ÙˆÙŽØ¥ÙÙ†Ù‘َهُ Û¥ لِحُبِّ ٱلۡخَيۡرِ لَشَدِيدٌ“ And in his (man) love for wealth, he is very intense.”

The word ‘ Ø§Ù„خير’ in this verse is translated as ‘wealth’ based on the exegesis (Tafseer) of the Quran when literally it is translated as ‘goodness’.

This intense innate drive for goodness can only be good in itself when subjected and governed by the ordinances of Allah; Ø§Ù„عليم  “The All-Knower”.

Hence the ever inevitable need of Ø¹Ù„Ù… Ùˆ ØªØ£Ø¯ÙŠØ¨ / تربية ; Knowledge and Discipline as a combination for sound ØªØ¹Ù„يم  ; Education. One without the other is simply an incomplete cycle that results in nothing but mere information.

It is therefore essential that we, as a community, ensure that our kids’ cycle of education (Ta’leem) is a robust and complete one lest we have kids well informed but void of beliefs and values and therefore the ‘Goodness’ that they’ll inherently seek may just not be ‘Goodness’ at all.

For this reason it is reported of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) as saying: “My Lord has taught me and indeed perfected my education (تعليم ) and my Lord has disciplined me and indeed perfected my discipline (تأديب ) .”           


It must be acknowledged and cannot go without saying that, by the grace of Allah, our forefathers saw this need in the early years of settlement ( in South Africa) to which they responded wholeheartedly with the inception of “after-school Madrasahs” nationwide in a noble venture of fusing education (تعليم ) and discipline (تأديب ). We are more than indebted to them for their selfless and sincere initiatives albeit a simple and non-complex one.

 Alhamdulillah, that seed has grown to an orchard of Madrasahs under the pretext of what is now termed the “Maktab system”, with educational systems nothing less than that of the ever-changing ‘secular-pedagogy’ in the modern-day world.

The ‘progressive world’ runs with continuous change, calling for a constant check on the need of the time. With Islam, the Deen for all times, demanding a devoted adherence to authenticity and puritanical legitimacy, it makes meeting this need of striking the balance between rigidity and flexibility - absent of compromise - a much challenging though not impossible or a far-fetched one. Hence the persisting need of an “operation” to manage matters of a rapidly growing community; an ‘Institute’ to facilitate educational needs of all levels, be it early years, primary, higher or adult-education. 


Over the years the shafee Community has come a long way and has developed in all fields; Vocational, Trade, Educational and Cultural, though in more than one way has compromised the certainty and clarity of the Shafi Madhab. This blurry and unclear condition (i.e. assumptions of Shafi Madhab teachings) arose inadvertently due to assimilation with other communities (i.e. Beliefs and Cultures), modern western settings,  the infusion of ‘high-spirits’ and the lack of sound knowledge, culture and fabricated practices all in the absence of scholastic guidance and readily available authentic institutes.


This cloud of uncertainty hovering above the heads of many brewed misunderstandings, insinuations, accusations, taunts and so on that led to unwarranted labeling of one to the other, setting dissension in the Community at large. This volatile situation persisted for a while till eventually fraternities’ of likeminded denominations formed and set firm in their comfort zones. The Community has now seemingly moved on from such descent and has now oddly developed a ‘maturity of acceptance’ imperceptibly drifting a hurting people apart.



It is now the intent of "Madrasah Muhammed bin Idrees Shafi'ee (RA)” generically coined as “Madrasah Shafi’ee”; a new initiative established by a concerned few of the Community to rescue the situation by :

  • instating puritanical teachings of Islam, based on the Shafi’ee Madhab, with humble beginnings of Early Years education to Adult Education eventually
  • establishing a hifz class program
  • initiating Youth development programs
  • calling for healthy dialogue on unresolved misconceptions and differences 
  • introducing basic to advance levels of Arabic
  • acquainting growing generations with their ancestral roots; and how Islam came to the Maharashtra state of India.
  • developing programs that will reciprocate with all Madhabs; eliminating needless contempt and building bridges of coexistence and mutual endorsement.
  • having ‘student exchange’ programs between South Africa and India (villages) during breaks.
  • having ‘skills exchange’ (adult/professionals based) programs between South Africa and India during vacation leave.
  • Etc.


With the above being a few of the core functions of Madrasah Shafi’ee, the Aim and Objective is…

 “To serve the noble cause of establishing and preserving the pristine Deen of Allah while furthering the cause to generations to come as was received from the Noble Prophet Muhammed (SAW), his illustrious Sahabah and the Salafus Saliheen (Line of the Righteous Classical Scholars)”.

Being a noble cause, the Vision demands that it be noble too. Since deeds, righteous or otherwise, become the practice or custom of society either based on beneficial knowledge or ignorance, it is essential that our Vision be crystal clear.



With good actions (الأعمال الصالحة) becoming widespread being the envisioned purpose, Our Vision crystalizes…

To educate the Ummah on the Rights of Allah, His Rasool (SAW) and Mankind in particular, and all of creation at large by instilling (يقين) conviction in the promises of Allah thereby bridging the gap between knowledge and practice, making   (الأعمال الصالحة) good-practice common”



It is common understanding that worth or value is relative to the position a person or thing holds. A simple brick or door, for instance, is appraised in value by the connection it has. Simple regard may be given to it for its attachment to a regular house or office building, but if the same were to be attached to a Masjid then the regard is totally different. It’s now revered as “ بيت الله “ (House of Allah) well-deserving of sacrosanct regard. 

Similar is our case, as human-beings, either being worthy or worthless based on our affiliations. We could on one hand pass through the realm of this world as any other procreating creature ignored or be part of a Service to Allah, engaged in true servitude well-deserved to be classified as “ عبد الله” (Servant of Allah), a status of so high regard in Deen yet so ordinarily taken.


  Madrasah Shafi’ee, in its humble operations, hopes to be of worth in the eyes of Allah availing to you an avenue of serving Allah’s cause in ways suitable to one and all from The Community. With the following words of the Rasool of Allah (SAW) we take inspiration


Says the Prophet of Allah (SAW) in an authentic Hadith


من سن في الإسلام سنة حسنة كان له أجرها وأجر من عمل بها من بعده لا ينقص ذلك من أجورهم شيئا، ومن سن في الإسلام سنة سيئة كان عليه وزرها ووزر من عمل بها من بعده لا ينقص ذلك من أوزارهم شيئا 


“Whosoever sets a good trend in Islam, for him is its reward and the reward of those who act by it without any reduction from their reward. And whosoever sets a corrupt trend in Islam, for him is its burden (sin) and the burden of those who act by it without any decrease from their burden (sins).”


و بنعمة الله تتمّ الصالحات


Ùˆ اخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله ربّ العالمين